Rubis Town Criterium, Men's Elite Support Race, 29 May 2011

Course Results

26may13 Town Criterium
26aug12 Town Criterium
29may11 Town Criterium
30may10 Town Criterium
24may09 Town Criterium

2011 Results

Rider Team
1st Alistair Cann Caesarean Cycling Club
2nd Adam Wojtkiewicz Caesarean Cycling Club
3rd Phil Touzeau Guernsey Velo Club
4th Steven Haley Velo Sport Jersey
5th Ian Cardy Inverse Racing-Cyclaim
6th Chris Seviour Team UK Youth
7th Ben Le Brocq Jersey Youth Academy
8th Paul Millar Caesarean Cycling Club
9th Mark Smith Guernsey Velo Club
10th Leon Ogier Guernsey Velo Club
11th Simon Stead Caesarean Cycling Club
12th Stuart Wallbridge Guernsey Velo Club
13th Martin Smith Velo Sport Jersey
14th Alex Wilson Guernsey Velo Club
15th Ian Lelai Caesarean Cycling Club
16th Rhys Hidrio Caesarean Cycling Club
17th Jon Osborn Guernsey Velo Club
18th Tom Kilick Pearson Cycles
19th Lee Wells Caesarean Cycling Club
20th Sam Carney Velo Sport Jersey
21st Bob Cabot Velo Sport Jersey
22nd Ian De Ste Croix Caesarean Cycling Club
23rd Lorenzo Nardone Caesarean Cycling Club
24th Mike Mitchinson Velo Sport Jersey




Whitsun Programme


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