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​The mountain biking section has its own set of events. Three series are usually run: Winter, Summer and the Rough and Smooth. Each series consists of 8 – 10 events with Elite, Sports, Veterans, Junior and School Boy riders all placed in their respective categories. Mountain bikers can also ride on the Les Quennevais circuit on Thursday evenings, and in Tuesday evening and Sunday morning time trials.

For the younger mountain bike enthusiasts aged twelve and under, there is now a regular winter series of 6 to 7 events. Age groups divide the classes and this ensures close and interesting competition, but the emphasis is always on enjoyment, and there is nothing better then getting covered in mud with Mum’s permission. There are some School Boy riders who started their cycling days in the under twelve series, who now compete very successfully on senior courses against older and more experienced riders in both local and UK competitions.

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