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​Travel Grants

The club encourages members to take part in events outside the island, be it road racing, MTB events or some other activities such as L'etape du Tour. Financial support may be available to members participating in competitive events away from Jersey. This is generally in the UK or France but not limited to these.

We have decided to introduce a more open and more formal procedure which will hopefully lead to an equitable approach for claming a travel grant.

The value of grant for 2016 is:

   UK races are eligible for £100 with an additional £50 for each extra race done if the rider has an additional nights stay.
   French races are eligible for £50 with an additional £25 for each extra race done if the rider has an additional nights stay.
   Sportive events are eligible for a one off grant per season of £30
   In addition to travel expenses if an individual is abroad and enters an event representing CCC the club will pay the race entries of the event subject to approval from the Committee.

New Travel Grant for U23's : To encourage younger members to venture off the Island to race, the management committee have set a new travel grant of £150 for U23's racing in the UK. Applications have to be made in the usual way using the form on this page where guidelines on eligibility can also be found, and sent to grants@ccc.je

Members are eligible to claim for a grant under the following guidelines:

1. Travel assistance is only available to riders entering races outside the island.
2. All monies from grants (Those available from the CCC and third parties) do not exceed the total costs of entering the event.
3. No retrospective applications can be accepted.
4. The Travel Grant Application form (in CCC-Grant-Application.doc​ or CCC-Grant-Application.pdf​​) must be completed and sent to grants@ccc.je before
 travelling to the event.

5. A report of the event(s) should be submitted to the website and JEP as soon as possible after the event.
6. Club kit must be worn during competition.
7.All grants are at the discretion of the management committee and its decision is final.

Contact Peter Hubert for more information.

Annual Caps : the following maximum amount per calendar year can be claimed by one indiviudal

Under 23          £750

All others         £500

Exceptions to the annual Cap will only be approved in advance by the CCC Management Committe.​

Completed forms should be returned using the email address: grants@ccc.je. Please make the subject of the email "<event> <event date>"

​CCC Development Fund

In recognition of the of the difficulties young talented riders face in reaching their full potential living in Jersey, the CCC has established a Development Fund. The fund is focussed on those who are most likely to have the potential to race at a high level off island. This fund will used to provide financial support to young club members at a stage in their racing development when they are least likely to have access to sufficient money to realise their ambitions. Applicants must be Under 23 and able to present evidence of their ability, potential and commitment to the sport.

Any club member wishing to apply for access to development funding is advised to read the full document about the scheme CCC Development Fund 2015.docx and then contact the Management Committee for advice about presenting an application.

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