CCC Road Racing Team

Road Race

The road race team is for anyone who wants to race on the road in Jersey. This includes road racing and Time Trials. 

Joining this team indicates to the club that you will be racing, want to receive details about racing, and are prepared to Marshal or Organise. In 2021 the calendar resulted in road team members marshalling two races.

Each year we expect to contact you requesting you sign up to marshal slots within two weeks of the JCA publishing calendar. Normally around February each year.

CCC AGM 2022
Caesarean Cycling Club
19:30 - 20:30
The Peirson Public House
TT 2UP (solo for IG team/other solo riders will be paired up - https://race-nation.co.uk/register/caesarean-cycling-club
CCC Road Racing Team
All day
Island Games Course