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Development fund : Rhys Pilley latest update

Sat, 27 Nov 2021 11:34:17 +0000

In association with my cycling club ,Caesarean Cycling Club Jersey, I will be documenting my training and racing in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games next year. It was announced in October that I had been selected for team Jersey, riding the track and road events. When I found out, I was obviously proud and excited, but the overwhelming emotion was relief. The pressure of selection had been weighing down for some time. This was exacerbated by the lack of racing as a result of Covid-19. I was aiming to qualify in the individual pursuit, I last rode a pursuit in January 2020. This huge chunk of time without any competition, in an event I am relatively new to, only increased the pressure. However, I managed to organise a race effort in July and hit my KPI which ultimately led to my inclusion in the team. Leaving the selection event Strive in St. Peter I found myself with renewed motivation, the Commonwealth Games suddenly seemed much closer. This motivation was short lived as I found myself in bed with the ‘super-cold’ that has been doing the rounds. Getting back on the bike after almost 2 weeks off knocked my confidence as I was still suffering the lingering effects of the illness. I felt a long way off the form I will need to compete on an international stage. After an easy week I got back to the track and quickly found my legs again. I am currently in North Wales for a week training hard on the stunning roads Snowdonia has to offer. Soon I will be heading back down to Cardiff to get back on the track in preparation for a pursuit on the 19th of December. Thank you to @CCCjersey and the Commonwealth Games Association of Jersey for their continued support which enables me to regularly access the track.